Hilltop-Centre Tree
  • Hilltop Farm Landscape

    Hilltop Farm Landscape

    Hilltop is located outside the village of Hanover, near Bhisho, the capital of the former homeland, Ciskei, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

  • Volunteer Program

    Volunteer Program
    Volunteer Program

    Hilltop has for many years in the post-apartheid era encouraged a program of volunteerism to play a part in reconstructing a new path for South Africa.

  • Woody Cape Holiday Resort


    Situated right next to the Indian Ocean, this resort is the perfect escape for those looking for a place to spend some relaxing days.

    Whether it is superb fishing or exellent hiking opportunities, there is a lot to discover in the area!

  • Xhosa Culture


    The Transkei, home to the Xhosa people, is the only part of the country still governed by tribal authorities, and most of the region's inhabitants maintain a traditional lifestyle. The Xhosa people live in the traditional way, with ancient tribal systems still intact.

    The people live in thatched mud-brick huts peppered across the hills, without running water or electricity, and subsist through growing mainly maize.

  • Addo Elephant National Park


    More than 450 elephants, 400 Cape buffalo, over 48 endangered black rhino as well as a variety of antelope species are situated in the Addo Elephant National Park.

    Lion and spotted hyena have also recently been re-introduced to the area. The largest remaining population of the flightless dung beetle is located within the park.

Welcome Ursula Wyss

2016-03-20 17:08 by Robin Roberts

Ursula is a specialist in the feilds of Acupunture, Reflexology, Tissue salts, Massage, Chinese Medicine and is a teacher of Qi Gong. Ursula trained for many months to learn English before her arrival in order to share her knowlege and skills being able to teach and conduct workshops here in South Africa.

Ursula's unique focus is to assist people here with the typical health issues that people suffer from such as Diabeties, Ulcers, HIV- AIDS, Tuberculious, High Blood Pressure, Cholestrol, Gout, Arthritis, Digestion problems and Immune disorders.

Ursula has a wealth of holistic health solutions and remedies which is of great interest to many South Africans in the Eastern Cape.

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