Hilltop-Centre Tree
  • Hilltop Farm Landscape

    Hilltop Farm Landscape

    Hilltop is located outside the village of Hanover, near Bhisho, the capital of the former homeland, Ciskei, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

  • Volunteer Program

    Volunteer Program
    Volunteer Program

    Hilltop has for many years in the post-apartheid era encouraged a program of volunteerism to play a part in reconstructing a new path for South Africa.

  • Woody Cape Holiday Resort


    Situated right next to the Indian Ocean, this resort is the perfect escape for those looking for a place to spend some relaxing days.

    Whether it is superb fishing or exellent hiking opportunities, there is a lot to discover in the area!

  • Xhosa Culture


    The Transkei, home to the Xhosa people, is the only part of the country still governed by tribal authorities, and most of the region's inhabitants maintain a traditional lifestyle. The Xhosa people live in the traditional way, with ancient tribal systems still intact.

    The people live in thatched mud-brick huts peppered across the hills, without running water or electricity, and subsist through growing mainly maize.

  • Addo Elephant National Park


    More than 450 elephants, 400 Cape buffalo, over 48 endangered black rhino as well as a variety of antelope species are situated in the Addo Elephant National Park.

    Lion and spotted hyena have also recently been re-introduced to the area. The largest remaining population of the flightless dung beetle is located within the park.

January 2015

Peace Project Mdantsane

2015-01-01 12:48 by Robin Roberts

Opportunity knocks for Senior Counselor

Just rencently Monde was identified by the Municipality's Court House Management and offered Monde a fullfime position, as a well paid city employee working directly for the courts!

An offer for Monde to advance his career came at such a great surprise to us. There is no one else that deserves this more than Monde. His professionalism, sincerity and deep sense of loyaly to Hilltop, his project and community revealed this fanatactic mans commitment. Monde's very positive attribrutes are extensive and the impact and difference he has made in his community for families and individuals that he has counselled over the years makes him truely deserving of this new employement opportunity at the Courts.

Congratulations Monde we salute you and praise you for you excellence. Your mediation work and all that you have accomplished over these years on the Peace Project. We wish you all the success in the world with your new job position and in all you do. Our heart-felt thanks and good wishes are with you Monde. 

Ms. Pamela Gaika is the new counselor in training and working at the Mediation Centre under Monde's volunteer directorship to oversee that Pamela is well guided and trained to handle the diversity and problems of these cases. Since Pamela has started it seems that she is managing the cases with a smooth style and understanding quite naturally what is required in this very difficult and complex field in township mediation matters.

We look forward to Pamela making a success of her positon by assisting those in conflict situations in the community with special needs and grievenes's which are better settled out of court if possible.  

Computer Centre Graduations and Achievements for 2014

2015-01-01 11:56 by Robin Roberts

Congratulations to the Students and Trainers

dressed in cap and gown, each graduated with their proud families and friends in the audience. Excitment also flourished at our other locations:

Sterkspruit located on the Lesotho border  turned out graduates in the numbers of 200, 168 and 117 graduating in 2014 with the most amazing cerominal procedures with great honor and pride for the community and it's families!

Summerset East and Mdanstane and Mt. Frere also had two graduations for each centre in 2014.

The new Ventorsdorp location graduated 33 students, holding one graduation for 2014.

The real beauty of these graduations is the amazing achievment and effort that comes with a person being accedited with this certificate in hand, all the challanges and sacrifies made to get to this point. Newly aquired skills in Computer Literacy may lead each student into the work place, with these credentials allowing for  skills, furture employement  a very real possibiltiy, coupled with great confidence!

Our Computer Centres

2015-01-01 10:49 by Robin Roberts

Sustainability and Education

Hilltop's training centres and locations:

East London, Daily Bread Children's Home, opened 2013, Volunteer Trainer Sina Fischer

Dimbaza Township, Dimbaza Business Centre, opened in 2007, Trainer Simon Poni

Dimbaza, Kwaza Primary School, opened 2010, Principal Thozama 

Mdsantsane Taxi Rank Mall, Mdsantsane Township, opend in 2012, Trainer Nelisa Botile

Mt. Frere, Transkei, Isinamva Developement Centre, opened in 2006, Director Zola Magida

Summerset East, Johnson Nqonqhoza, High school, opened in 2009. Principal Mr. Sise

Two Centres established and now independently owned:

Ventersdrop, Vuyo Danster

Sterkspruit, Wesley