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  • Hilltop Farm Landscape

    Hilltop Farm Landscape

    Hilltop is located outside the village of Hanover, near Bhisho, the capital of the former homeland, Ciskei, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

  • Volunteer Program

    Volunteer Program
    Volunteer Program

    Hilltop has for many years in the post-apartheid era encouraged a program of volunteerism to play a part in reconstructing a new path for South Africa.

  • Woody Cape Holiday Resort


    Situated right next to the Indian Ocean, this resort is the perfect escape for those looking for a place to spend some relaxing days.

    Whether it is superb fishing or exellent hiking opportunities, there is a lot to discover in the area!

  • Xhosa Culture


    The Transkei, home to the Xhosa people, is the only part of the country still governed by tribal authorities, and most of the region's inhabitants maintain a traditional lifestyle. The Xhosa people live in the traditional way, with ancient tribal systems still intact.

    The people live in thatched mud-brick huts peppered across the hills, without running water or electricity, and subsist through growing mainly maize.

  • Addo Elephant National Park


    More than 450 elephants, 400 Cape buffalo, over 48 endangered black rhino as well as a variety of antelope species are situated in the Addo Elephant National Park.

    Lion and spotted hyena have also recently been re-introduced to the area. The largest remaining population of the flightless dung beetle is located within the park.

December 2014

Christmas at Hilltop

2014-12-28 05:16 by Robin Roberts

Visitors join us

experience for all.

During this  holiday period we invited two girls to stay with us from the Daily Bread Children's Home.  The two, Anita age 10 and Thandie age 12 are staying at Hilltop for three weeks, both were in the play the 4th King. Thandie being the girl who wrote the special note of thanks to Rommel. Little Anita who stayed with us for 7 months in 2013 and 2014 both girls are enjoying their time at the farm and very happy to be here. 

On Christmas Day Rommel drove to the Daily Bread early in the morning and picked up three additonal children who had no place to go for Christmas, as all the other children at the home had left to stay elsewhere for the holiday. These last three children were brought back to Hilltop for two days and  a sleep over. There has been lots of joyful noise and fun for all the children this Christmas at Hilltop. 

It has been a busy time and  a full house with our adults visitors, Nora and Owethu and the additional 5 children from Daily Bread! 

The happiness and fun these children experienced has been quite amazing and a memorable experience for all of us here at Hilltop to experience!

Hilltop Trainer Goes Corporate

2014-12-10 20:24 by Robin Roberts

Babes went from working at Hilltops internet cafe in East London and the Dimbaza centre to being assigned to her own school at Needs Camp in the East London area in a highschool. Babes worked for Hilltop for more than two years.

Recently in 2014 she was offered a position to be the manager of the MTN cellular phone shop in King Williams Town at Stone Towers. A very exculsive position with a high level of responsibility and techincial skill involved. A very fortunate position.

All who know Babes can certainly agree that she has the greatest strength to uphold her duites and all that will be required of her. We are very happy for Babes and wish her all the happiness and continued success for the future!

South African School Principal Goes to Ulm Germany

2014-12-10 10:39 by Robin Roberts

Christmas and Sylvester in Germany

leaves for Germany this month! The principal Mrs. Thozama Gcilitshana departs on December 25th for Germany staying until January 16, 2015. It is Thozama's first time to go overseas and she is most excited with aniticipation!

Mrs. Annette Meyer zu Baxten and her family are hosting Thozama in their home. Thozama will have the opportunity to spend time at Mrs. Meyer zu Baxtens school with the teacher and students and experience this festive season in Europe!

It is a most unusual time and a large step for Thozama to leave her husband and children during this important holiday season. Also it is the new travel experience of going all the way to Germany to be introduced to a whole new culture and way of life which is all so exciting.

Congratulations to Thozama for accepting such an wonderful invitation and it surely will produce a long lasting relationship wth the families and students in Ulm with Thomzama and her school in Dimbaza!

Many thanks too for Annette and her amazing generosity to host Thomzama for the three weeks in Germany.

As we say in Xhosa go well: Hamba Kakuhle Thomzama!

Heart Felt Thanks From a Child Actor

2014-12-10 09:21 by Robin Roberts

Special Efforts in the Lives of Children Makes a Difference

The letter reads:

December 2, 2014

Dear my Father,

I love u very much. I wish you can see how much I love you.

I write this letter for you to say thank you for your help and teach us how to preform in front of people.

I wish you can teach us more. We very much love you and I wish you was my father.

God loves you.

May God Bless you.

From: Tandie

The 4th King Christmas Plays Success

2014-12-10 08:53 by Robin Roberts

The Performaces Heart-Warming and Touchng

The vivid colors and the star performance of each child interesting, everyone knew their lines and the sincere acting of the chldren and the singing by the  award winning Luytville choir added great value to the general theme. The audience adults and children alike where captivated by the story line, costumes and songs that were sung by the choir and the Children of The Daily Bread Children's Home.

There where 60 children involved. The public turn out was low, not providing any profit for the event however the Abbortford Christian Church Management were so touched by the event and suggested that the performance play next year next December 2015 and that they would guarentee the theathre to be nearly full in it capacity of 2,000 seats. As they would require 2 months in advance in the marketing and advertizing of the performance.

The result of the two performances is that the Children of the Daily Breads confidence beamed and it was truly a joyful and enlighting experience to last a life time in their minds and hearts.Thir self-esteem bolstered and hearts full of pride.

Many thanks to Veronica Theron the custome maker and to her husband William and to those who assisted and contributed to the success of the production like Riette who was a brillant support person to children and Rommel. Thank you Rommel for your enormous efforts and for extending your time. You've given these children something really special and memories to last a life time!!